I once was asked in a seminar for proof that racism exists.  Which struck me as undeniable evidence of how denial continues to function to support a racist society.  It is also a vivid illustration of one of the costs of racism.

But here’s one:  sentencing disparity.  Dude got 624 years for rape, sodomy and burglary.  Ten bucks says you can tell me what color he is.  More here.

So let’s review*:  You can be sentenced to probation for beating a man to death with a baseball bat.  Or maybe one hundred fifty days, maybe because the judge agreed that this troublesome business “messed up” your life.  It ended the other guy’s.  Six years for ganging up on a man and stabbing him to death.  Nine years for murdering a man by beating and kicking him.

Six hundred twenty-four.

*People who are not idiots know that in no way am I suggesting that rapists should not receive harsh sentences.

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