Never heard it before.

Thanks to Moogacat for pointing this out and serving as the exception that proves the rule.  ;-P

Responses to this tweet?



This cracks me up.

Best. Headline. Ever.

It’s pretty hilarious when you say it.

hahahahaha I love it

Asian Americans think this is hilarious too.  Because we never heard it before.  Or it doesn’t bug us.  Because we’re not like those other whining Asians.  Because it is completely removed from the racist context in which we live.  Because it’s just a silly little thing.  Because it’s just in good funBecause.

3 thoughts on “Never heard it before.

  1. Wishful thinking or willful delusion to think this isn’t racist. Maybe some people get so tired of living in a racist society that denial is easier for them. But not calling racism out when one sees or experiences it is not going to make it go away; it only lets the racists think their words or actions are okay. (Most white people know when something is racist too. This whole excuse of having to ask a POC whether something is racist or not is just a futile hope that “it’s not that bad.” Only the most clueless white people on the planet would not recognize racism.)

  2. The thing that gets me most about that tweet is that it completely erases the identity of the actual winner in order to make a stupid racist joke.

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