‘Missouri judge denies Guatemalan mother custody of her son’

Tammy Ljungblad | The Kansas City Star

Encarnacion Bail Romero never wanted her son Carlos to be adopted.  But after she was detained in an immigration raid, that’s what happened.  You can read an article about her ordeal here.  And now the court has ruled that the six-year-old should stay with his “adoptive” parents.

Bail Romero has not been allowed to see him.  Not once.  Because although she stated repeatedly that she never wanted to allow him to be adopted, because although she said that if she were deported she would take him with her, because although she contacted her family who promised to help her care for him, she had no interest in the child and wanted to abandon him.  Yeah.

(Additional rant on “illegal” long in the making and forthcoming.)


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