By popular vote. Except when it’s not.

Well, last year some website I never heard of ran a contest for the “Top 25 Adoption Blogs by Parents.”  Yeah, bet you can guess how that turned out.

So this year the “Circle of Moms” was planning to be more inclusive.  So they ran the contest for “Top 25 Adoption Blogs by Moms.”  Yeah, I’m not getting it either.  Only apparently they didn’t like one of the moms who was in the running.  So they eliminated her.  She didn’t shit rainbows or unicorns, I guess.

We did see several white adoptive mom bloggers who don’t shit rainbows or unicorns either.  Instead they like to shit on adopted persons and people of color.  And adopted persons of color. While other white adoptive parents cheer them on.

We were somewhat heartened to see the lovely Amanda was winning.  It actually gave us a tiny bit of hope.

But then the contest was ended prematurely:

After serious consideration, we have decided to cancel our Adoption Blogs by Moms – 2012 contest. Our Top 25 program is meant to celebrate, connect, and support mom bloggers. Following some feedback from participants in our 2011 contest, we decided to make this year’s Top 25 more inclusive. In doing so, we unknowingly stepped into a very sensitive issue and debate, and we apologize to all the moms who have been offended, no matter what your position on adoption is. We’re committed to finding a way to give all parties in the Adoption Triad a voice on Circle of Moms. If we run a Top 25 Adoption Blogs in the future, we’ll consult with mom bloggers in each part of the Adoption Triad on how to create a supportive contest where all bloggers would feel welcome and respected by Circle of Moms and by all participants. We appreciate the time and energy every participant put into this contest during the past week, and we sincerely regret that we can’t reward those efforts in the way we had planned to when we launched the contest.

Yeah, change the game when you’re losing. Not like I haven’t seen that before. Because they’re so committed to celebrating, connecting and supporting, you know. How’s that inclusive thing working out?

5 thoughts on “By popular vote. Except when it’s not.

  1. Thanks for turning me onto the Declassified Adoptee Blog. Wonderful! You are a great resource.

  2. Thanks :-)

    This whole issue was unspeakably ridiculous. An adoptee being there wasn’t a big deal last year because one wasn’t winning. I wasn’t even in the top 25 last year. The second I hit the number one spot they shut the contest down. I wasn’t even there for 12 hours let alone 24. Glad some friends got a screenshot for me:-) But, of course, I’m not supposed to believe it was about an adoptee being in the top or that it was about censorship; it was the “anti-adoption blogs,” (none I saw on the list I would categorize as “anti-adoption”) that “ruined” it for the rest of us. hmmm….

    My fear is that they are not going to continue to be inclusive in the future because of this debacle. Not that I’m sure I ever want to be on their page or drive traffic to their site by being in their contest again. But clearly, being inclusive of non-adopted “triad members” (which in doing so opens up the possibility that the contest will be more inclusive of race, class, ability so on and so forth) is something they don’t understand how to manage. People are always going to complain about stuff they don’t like; one can either grow a backbone or shut it down–we see the route they took.

    Welcome, joderito, to my blog. Glad to have you :-)

  3. It was interesting that several adoptive parents qualified “adoption blogs by moms” to mean solely adoptive moms. Because an “adoption blog” can’t possibly be from any other perspective. If they refer to your blog as “anti-adoption,” can we refer to their blogs as “anti-adoptee”?

    Also joderito, thank you for reminding me that I forgot the most important thing: Go visit Amanda’s blog. :)

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