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The Pissed at Everybody edition.

“You don’t belong in this neighborhood!” 13-year-old Jules Moor was out riding in his go-kart with a friend when Deanna Johnson allegedly drove her car up onto the grass and struck Moor head-on.  Johnson claims that she was worried about their “safety” but also that she wanted to “detain” them because they looked like kids who had been riding their bicycles around earlier.  Story here and here.

How many times have you heard that sentiment expressed by white people?

The coroner has ruled the death a homicide.  How did 5-year-old Joseph Maoping Adams die?  He drank a lethal amount of vinegar.  Apparently forcing children to drink vinegar has been suggested by some “discipline experts. ” Who knew?

And Joyce Maynard apparently stopped parenting her adopted children after approximately 14 months.  She was 55 at the time she traveled to Ethiopia to pick up two sisters.  Here’s what she wrote for More Magazine at that time:

I love babies, but I realized I didn’t need another of my own.  It wasn’t giving birth to children that I missed but raising them.  And so  my mind turned, increasingly, toward the dream of finding a child somewhere who needed a home.  I decided to seek out a child born into a culture that is very rich yet very different from ours, to understand better how the world might look to someone whose life had begun so differently from my own.

… I was a mother in need of some children.”

The article has disappeared from the More online archive, but you can find it here  (switch to another browser when the page limit kicks in).  You can read her letter about dissolution here.


One thought on “Lazy blogger

  1. My comment is about the first article (The g- kart that was hit by a jeep). This is an issue that must be further investigated! If she did it intentionally or not the driver of the jeep handled herself completely inappropriately and i’m only one person behaved accordingly the sheriff. This case is most definitely one to be assessed by a grand jury!

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