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The food poisoning edition.

Dharun Ravi found guilty on all 15 counts, including some of the “bias intimidation” charges:   I thought this guy was a fool to turn down a plea deal that included no jail time.  He’s just the kind of brown the majority wants to hate:  cocky, smart and wealthy.  Plus he’s not a citizen.

I’m not sure I understand the distinctions in the bias intimidation charges, although I listened to the jury verdict.  It seems to hinge on intent.   Sounds like the jury did not believe Ravi intended to intimidate Clementi or M.B., but Clementi reasonably felt he was being intimidated because of sexual orientation.

Whatever.  This wasn’t just some college prank.  And I wish I could feel sorry for the guy, but somehow I just can’t.

Lost his family at 5, reconnects through Google:   So this five-year-old accidentally rode a train hundreds of miles away from his home village, got lost and ended up in orphanage.  Then he got adopted by Tasmanians.  He continued to search for his village and family by scanning Google Earth for something that looked familiar.  Twenty-five years later, he reunited.

The Chicago Tribune featured the stories of several adopted persons who were able to request their original birth certificates under the recently-changed law.  The most heartbreaking?  Tom McGregor found his read “does not desire name on certificate” on the line where his mother’s name should have been.

Their son went missing in 2004.  Is the boy now in Child Protective Services their Miguel?  They took DNA tests to ascertain parentage, but the mom has been told that the reunion could take months.

More than a year ago, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled this adoption case had to go back to trial.  Meanwhile, Encarnacion Bail Romero has not been able to see her little boy.  I’ve got more to say about this.  None of it is good.

He just wanted some skittles and a bottle of iced tea.  Now 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is dead.  Okay, I know Florida has a “stand your ground” law.  But the killer got out of his car to confront Martin, who was walking home from a convenience store with his treats.   The killer hasn’t even been charged yet.  And his father says he’s “Hispanic” plus has loads of black friends.  Uh huh.

And finally, our Filthy Brute Award of the Month goes to Shakesville denizen Deeky.  #MOR<34U


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