WTF x 3

Another edition of the Lazy Blogger, WTF edition

ESPN uses “gook” in a headline.  The guy’s name is Lee Dong-Gook, and he is correctly referred to as “Lee” in the copy, so it seems pretty intentional.  But maybe the writer is just a really nice guy like Anthony Federico.

The Nick and Artie Show, some asshole syndicated radio thing, solicited racist jokes about Jeremy Lin:

We’re appealing to our audience right now, we want the most offensive tacky Lin type jokes that you can think of.

We can’t do them but you can.


As an example, they talk about a teammate taking over Lin’s laundry detail. Then they spend some time talking about Woody Allen’s wife, Soon-Yi Previn. According to these assholes, Previn (who was adopted from Korea) should have shown more respect to the flag because otherwise she’d be out with water buffaloes and flies.

And Billy Crystal apparently did blackface for the Oscars. In our post racial America.


One thought on “WTF x 3

  1. The author of this article is obviously smart but I don’t think being smart gives you the right to use a racial slur in a headline. Its not at all clever or funny. Offending fans is not what will bring him the ratings he’s after i’m sure of it!

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