Q and A

A public service provided by Resist Racism ™ for the benefit of people everywhere.

Q:  Why is there so much racism on the internet?

A:  Because it is a slice of real life.

Q:  Do white people understand racism better than black people?

A:  But of course!  Everybody knows that white people are the Ultimate Arbiters of Racism.

Q:  How are white people affected by racism?

A:  Unfortunately this is a long answer.  We’ve written a whole series.

Q:  Isn’t that racist to say whites are racist?

A:  Of course!  Everybody knows that it is far more damaging and hurtful to call out racism than to actually suffer racism.  And that racism could be ended if only people of color would stop noticing.

So glad we could be of help.  Leave additional questions below.  We reserve the right to mock.


3 thoughts on “Q and A

  1. You’re so much kinder in your answers (read: no profanity) than Andrew Ti. He will throw an F-bomb in a minute. An yet I find him hilarious most of the time. (http://yoisthisracist.com/)

    Here’s my favorite most recent question I’ve been asked: “what’s wrong with believing in personal freedom?? If someone isn’t free to discriminate on their own property or with their own business, we’re restricting their freedoms, and that’s anti-American! That’s why I don’t agree with civil rights legislation.” (true paraphrase of statements last week by an old college classmate)

  2. “Isn’t (program intended to redue effects of racism) just creating more racism? It’s targeting one race more than another!”

    “Why keep talking about racism? You’re creating an “us and them” mentality.”

  3. I got something the other day when I told someone that I have noticed that there are more black women in some my classes than others, and that the reason I notice is because where I live there aren’t very many black people, and it’s always a reminder to me that I don’t always notice the lack until I start seeing more blacks.

    Several people who posted to the thread below me said they never notice the races of people around them. I just don’t buy that.

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