Lazy blogger, Wednesday edition

With DNA Testing, Suddenly They Are Family.    DNA testing’s new market:  Finding connections to blood relatives for people who were adopted.

Very Positive Reactions to Michelle Obama as First Lady.  Among black people, at least.  What about her values?  Eighty-seven percent of black women and 82 percent of black men said Mrs. Obama shares their values, compared to 63 percent of white women and 48 percent of white men.  What kind of values does she hold, anyway?

Here’s the one I thought was really telling:  Only 88 percent of white men agreed that Michelle Obama is intelligent. Because Princeton and Harvard Law grads who are black were affirmative action admits, yanno.

Also, apparently “arrogant” and “racist” made it in the top five adjectives used by whites to describe her.

Family of Mt. Carmel Student Killed in Indiana Fight Files Lawsuit.  The Kennelly family is suing for wrongful death.

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