What color were the rest?

So you probably saw the video making the rounds yesterday.  It was of six teens beating up on an Asian high school student.  Somebody taped the assault and posted it to Youtube.  As a result, seven teenagers have been charged.

This morning I woke to hear the radio news announcer reporting on this case.  He said, “At least three of the teens are Asian themselves.”

Good to know.

Story here.  (Don’t watch the video.)  Although the Sun-Times notes “Most of the offenders visible in the video appeared to be white.”

2 thoughts on “What color were the rest?

  1. “The robbery and beating does not appear to be racially motivated, police said. ”

    Mmhmm. Despite the recorded slurs….I can’t say I’m surprised but it’s still despicable.

  2. I saw the video and it is sad to see what is still happening even after years of progress. Racism or not no one should have to go through this

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