Dear Jon Huntsman

It is bad enough that you keep talking about how wonderful you are because you adopted two kids.  Because they had been abandoned and had no life until you gave them one.

But now you point to them as support for your anti-abortion viewpoint?  Seriously?

You, sir, are an ass.


2 thoughts on “Dear Jon Huntsman

  1. But if all the women who didn’t want children got abortions instead, wonderful wealthy white saviors like Huntsman wouldn’t have an outlet to demonstrate just what wonderful saviors they really are.

  2. Rather than just abortion, wouldn’t it be better to look at the political and social situations that leave women in situations where they are forced to abandon their children?

    These poor kids have to suffer having him as a dad (which has to be pretty bad), and then they will grow up, and read all these articles about how he used them to further his campaign, and will feel violated all over again. I feel like I want to throw up.

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