Welcome adoptive parents

Bet you never thought you’d see a post with that title here.

So I see some of you have wandered over from an adoption yahoo group. What brought you here? What are you thinking? And do you plan to stay? ;-)


7 thoughts on “Welcome adoptive parents

  1. Well, I didn’t wander over from that group (I’ve avoided adoption groups on the ‘net for years) but I am an adoptive parent and I do plan to stay. I think I need to hear what you say. I’ve been following you for a few years and your writing has expanded my thinking about anti-racist work and adoption.

    For the record, I am the white, Jewish mother by adoption of an American-born biracial daughter (her first mother is white and her first father is of Jamaican origin) and we have an open and deepening relationship with our daughter’s first mother. I did not know enough about transracial adoption or newborn adoption in the US when we entered the process. I’m still learning.

  2. Oh, and I meant to say that I’ve never felt unwelcome here. I’ve sometimes felt challenged and uncomfortable, because getting called on my privilege is always uncomfortable, but I’ve always felt that you had my daughter’s best interests at heart – my daughter, and all the other kids in danger of having their pasts and their very selves erased in favor of a narrative that centers her parents.

  3. Unwelcome here? LOL, Resistance will never be a “friend”, if that is what you mean. I highly doubt Resistance welcomes adoptive parents.
    know, I tried for many years, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Resistance to “like you” or even consider you as another human being. I know, I tried, It IS NOT POSSIBLE”

  4. I think Vanishing Point doesn’t know the difference between being unwelcoming and being tired of people parroting the same narratives that people of color have heard all their lives. I find it ironic that VP claims that Resistance does not consider some people as human beings when we live in a society that often enough treats people of color as not being fully human. This relegating of POC to subhuman status is what is being resisted.

  5. As a white adoptive parent with black and Latino kids, I have been lurking here for a couple of years now. I know I need more info and education on what my kids will face, how POC experence the world differently than I do.I need to be challenged on these issues so I can be as prepared as possible to help my kids through real life.
    I have not felt unwelcome here. I don’t comment often because I feel…..like I shouldn’t? More like I’m here to just listen and take it in.

  6. White AP parent who also lurks- although occasionally I get wild and comment. VP’s point is coming from a weird angle to me- I don’t come here to be liked; as other a parents state I come here for the education and the veiwpoints my children may one day own and also have to live against. Based on the information this blog delivers, why would you expect different? Isn’t that the point?

  7. For the record, we got a whopping five visits from that group total. I’d be curious to see what sparked even that little bit of interest. Last year we were linked from a huge adoption-from-China list serve (15,000+ members) and got all of 10 visits.

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