Dear Jon Huntsman

You and your wife have seven kids. Full stop. Not “seven kids, including two adopted girls from China and India.” Unless, of course, you wish me to understand that you are such a wonderful human being for adopting:

The family adopts Gracie Mei from Yangzhou, China. She’d been abandoned in a vegetable market. The path to adoption began when Mary Kaye volunteered in a Catholic orphanage while they were living in Tien Mu, Taiwan. After they returned to the U.S., Mary Kaye continued to research adoptions and convinced Jon to start the process. While attending a Christmas tree benefit auction she bought a tree dedicated to adoption. When the vendor asked her what to name it, her kids suggested the name for the new sister they hoped to someday have, Gracie Mei. Mary Kaye told the vendor that name at 8:15 PM. When she returned home there was a message received at 8:15 PM from the adoption agency notifying her that they had found a child for the family. Gracie Mei knows her story and loves to tell it. When asked who found her in the market she replies, “Jesus.”

Too bad that research didn’t include anything about transracial adoption.  (Quotes from Huntsman’s website.)

Since you like to detail your kids’ origins, here’s my suggestion: “The Huntsmans have seven children, including five squirted out of Mary Kaye’s vagina.” Or maybe she had C-sections.  Or VBAC.  Why aren’t those details available?

Probably because lots of people can squirt ’em out, but not everybody can save a child who has no future!

In a typical appearance earlier this month in Nashua, N.H., he introduced each of the three daughters present, and then called over Gracie Mei.

“You want to cut through the politics and get to the bottom line of life, the greatest thing we have ever done is bring to kids into our lives who had no future,” he told a gathering of 40 or so people at a house party in Nashua.

Wall Street Journal.

But not only did he save her, but he gave her life! While simultaneously working on China’s “one-child” policy:

“Q. What, if anything, and let me break this up into two questions. What, if anything should be done by the United States to encourage China to change its “one child” policy?

A. Well, uh, I probably did more than anybody. Uh, because my daughter Gracie was known by 1.3 billion people in China. Everybody heard her story. They knew that we had adopted her and given her life. Uh, they knew that she got to seek a great educational opportunity – a young, pretty, brilliant girl who was, I mean, it was all the time in China. I dare to say that our one act of adopting a girl, as United States Ambassador to China, in many minds – and this would be impossible to quantify – but I tell you, may have had more of an impact in that country, one thing, than all the speeches combined of U.S. government officials over the years.


To that I can only answer as did Gracie Mei:  Jeebus!

Of course, it’s not like we haven’t heard it before.

5 thoughts on “Dear Jon Huntsman

  1. You = awesome.

    I agree. If you’re going to mention that someone is adopted, better say why it’s relevant. If not, you should probably mention how everyone else entered into the family too!

  2. @Amanda back at you <3

    Huntsman keeps trotting his two youngest daughters out to show how wonderful he is. Plus he spreads their stories all over, because he's such a great guy, yanno.

  3. What is with people blabbing about their ADOPTED children? Do they think they are the only family in the world to adopt? Do they think adoption makes them “special”? A lot of people have adopted and we’re not running around telling the public about our children’s histories, parading them out at public events, or claiming some kind of religious “credit.” ALL children need and deserve privacy.

  4. Okay, I got a kick out of that.

    Upon getting the standard barrage of personal questions from a mom at a playground when my sons were two and four years old or so, I asked her if either of her births required an episiotomy. She left.

  5. I think it is very sad to use one’s children to further one’s campaign. The fact that he continues to do it over and over again shows that he is clueless and pathetic. Does he not realize that one day that they will be older and see how he has talked about their personal lives in public. That he has shared personal information inappropriately, and made judgements about their future when he really doesn’t know. How does he know that his daughters might not have been one of those kids supported by the orphanage and govt to go to college? Several examples of this.

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