Dear Lowe’s

Subtitled:  Go Ted Lieu!

I am an American.  I am not a Christian.   I am a Lowe’s customer.

I believe in freedom of religion.  I believe in the right to choose not to practice a religion.

And I believe companies should check out the background of groups with names like “Florida Family Association” before making decisions that support religious bigotry.  Or homophobia, for that matter.

I suspect that Ted Lieu, like me, is not an American Muslim.  But like me, he is an American who is deeply troubled by the xenophobic, racist nature of our society.  Undoubtedly, like me, he knows first-hand what it is like to be subjected to racism and xenophobia on a regular basis.

I always assumed that rational people understood my beliefs were not necessarily amoral just because they were not founded in Christianity.  But maybe I was wrong.

Maybe now is the time to let you know.  So Lowe’s, I will write to you to ask you not to give in to religious bigotry and hate mongering.  Lowe’s, I will write to you know that this is my country.  And hate is not a family value.


5 thoughts on “Dear Lowe’s

  1. Why Is Lowes Supporting Religious Bigotry,what next first is was Bigotry against the American Indians then the African Americian and now You want to support Bigotry against the Arabic People who next Lowes???????????????????

  2. Only read a few comments at the link, wow, apparently Mr. Lieu is bringing the Chinese value of despotism to the US. That was one of the nice ones:)

  3. Yeah, the comments are mind-boggling. I encourage everybody to write to Lowe’s and let them know what you think. I spent a lot of money at Lowe’s recently so I was ticked.

  4. I’m an American and as a Christian with friends who are Muslim, Buddhist, etc. I find the religious intolerance perpetuated by many fundamentalist “Christian” groups to be despicable.

    I guess no more shopping at Lowe’s for awhile. Home Depot and Costco, I suppose…

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