Sears sucks

Google “Sears sucks” and you will see more than a million internet denizens agree with me.  Add Melissa of Shakesville to the list.  She bought an oven that stopped working because of a faulty part.  Of course the part failed shortly after the warranty expired.  As did many other similar parts, according to the repair guy.

Two of my Sears sucks stories:

Went to get some keys cut.  None of the keys worked.  The Sears employee suggested I must not be using them correctly.  Because I come from a non-key culture, apparently.  After some verbal sparring, he said he would re-cut them.  Um, no.  As I made it clear from the get-go, I wanted my money back.

Bought an expensive item from Sears and had it delivered.  When the delivery person was bringing it off the truck, I saw that it was a cheaper model and told him to take it back.  He refused.  I called Sears and the representative told me they reserve the right to substitute an equal or lower-value product for the same price.  Whuh?

Thirty minutes on the telephone with various customer service people, none of whom could understand why I thought it wasn’t a good idea to charge the higher price but send the lower-priced item.  When I asked why I should accept this, one of the reps said, “It is part of our customer service.”  Seriously.

Sears sucks.  I don’t shop Sears or its affiliates any more.

15 thoughts on “Sears sucks

  1. Wow, that takes bait-and-switch to a whole new level. I hope you were able to get that sorted out, eventually.

  2. Of equal or lower value? So there customer service policy reserves the right to suck and rip off people?

  3. The Sears website says they reserve the right to replace with an item of equal or better value. That’s an interesting way or phrasing it: not equal or *greater* but better. That might imply greater value, or it could mean “better” value as in cheaper (“Buying dishwashing liquid at Walmart is a better value than buying it at Target because Walmart sells it for a dollar less.”)

    For shame, Sears. For shame.

  4. sears retail in seguin, tx has issued an outdated and declined shopping card with my 250$ purchase. I was told the card was no-good at the same store less then two months after the original purchase. On my next purchase I, was not discounted the value of the gift card. Sears has only responded with a form letter, thanking me for shopping at “Sears”.

  5. When I was in high school, my grandfather passed away and left my mom about $5000. She decided she wanted to get estimates for new kitchen cabinets. She started calling around to make appointments for representatives to visit our home and look at the kitchen. Sears refused to come unless her “husband would be home”. She cursed them out, told everyone we knew, and ended up just having my dad refinish the cabinets we already had.

  6. Not to defend Sears, who I have had problems with, but I have never had them not deliver the exact product that I paid for. I can’t imagine that is even legal?

    So, go to their store and buy model xyz. Then when it arrives, if it is not model xyz, as stated on the invoice, I don’t have to take it. I don’t even have to take delivery if it IS the item I ordered. They can’t force either on you.

    Not making any sense.

  7. My Sears story: I was looking around for a new watch, in the initial stages when you want to take stock of everything that is available. I asked the woman behind the counter if I could get a better look at one watch I was particularly interested in. She made a sour face and asked, “Are you going to buy it?” When I said no, she replied, “Then no,” and walked away! Sears sucks.

  8. Sears sucks!!! I want to start by saying that this has been the worst customer service experience of my entire life!!! I got jerked around by Sears too many times. I bought a sofa on December 1st, they ran out of stock and couldn’t deliver the sofa until January 28th. I take the 28th off to wait for the sofa, then get a call on the 28th about my sofa not even being in their distribution center, and that it would take at least another 2 weeks! So 2 more weeks of watching TV while lying down on the floor. I call the salesperson in Brossard (Micheline whatever her last name is) who sold me the sofa to voice my displeasure, and she promises I will be compensated and will contact me back in 3 days to let me know if they can expedite the delivery. Three days pass, and I never get contacted. I eventually decide I want to cancel my order out of principle, and I travel from Toronto to show up in person at the store because I’m getting nowhere via telephone. I ask Micheline what happened to her promise of compensating me, and contacting me to resolve the problem. She has the audacity to lie to my face and claim she never said she would call me. Alas, this was just one of too many lies Sears made to me over the course of this hellish experience. Two weeks later, my reimbursement never appears on my Visa. I called last week to ask what the story was, and they told me that they had just processed it the day before, and should appear within 48 hours. I’ve been calling them for the past 2 weeks, and I keep getting the same answer saying “oh, the person you spoke with was mistaken because they didn’t have the right access in the system – the payment was actually processed yesterday and you’ll see it within 48 hours”. I still haven’t received my money. Is this some kind of sick twisted joke??? This is easily the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had in my life. I will never set foot in a Sears store again. And I will tell my story to every single person I ever meet to ensure nobody I come across ever sets foot in a Sears store again. I will ensure Sears Canada goes bankrupt. This has now become my life’s sole purpose.

  9. I have a 4 yr old LG bottom door french door $1,400.00 fridge I bought from sear. I also bought the warrenty so now I have s[ent over $2000.00. First the freezer door fell off the screws sherd off and we had to tape the door on. than it started giving fan failures. we unplugged the thing for a while and it would start working again. Well that has gone on for over a year. Finally it stopped working. So I called Sears. I waited a week for a tech. He came and was wonderful. Told me that the trouble was that the freezer door did not seal properly and caused Ice to build up causing the door to fall off and the fan to stop working. When he opened the freezer sure enough there was a block of ice. The thing was unplugged so the ice was melting. We got out as much as we could see, but later that nigh i awoke to 3 feet of water on my floor ruining my kitchen floor and the ceiling tiles below. The tech ordered parts and we waited another week for them to come. when I called to make the second appt. I was hung up on transfered to the spanish speaking department and told by two different reps that it was to late for me to make an appt. It was 6:00 central and they close at 10:00 a promised call back from a manager never happened. I called the next day and sent 2 emails to there corperate offices and finally got an appt. Tech came (this is week two) no screws so he cannot fix anything. He reorders them. Week three package comes with screws. Thech was to come Monday the 27th and I waited until 5:30 to talk to someone. Two calls prior only told me the tech was coming. At 5:30 I was told yes I had a appt but it was not assigned to a tech WHAT. I finally got someone to call dispatch only to find out my tech had gone home early, but no onel bothered to call and tell me. They will send him tomorrow. OK I teach on the other side of the city and I have dashed home two days for nothing. Tech calls those are the wrong school and sears is waiting for LG to call back with the correct screw parts. This had been 8 days and they cannot tell the part number of some screws in 8 days. No we are still waiting. We will wait until thurs and send the tech back friday. Maybe we will have them by then. So now were are 3 1/2 weeks without a fridge. Sears offered a $100.00 gift card and said I could go and buy a mini fridge and they will give me my money back. Yeah right. I am never going to buy another anything from sears nor will I let anyone I know buy from them. I have tried to reach their coperate offices to no avail, and I was told by their solutions (non solutions) department that they were as high up as I could go. So now we are 1 month with our food on the back porch and they do notheing and don’t care

    Does anyone have a Number for the president?????????

  10. I am sitting here, on hold, listening to some jazzy EZ listening muzac for the 4th time today, while awaiting a response from the Sears service center. I ordered a 2300 drop in range/stove 2 weeks ago (they are expensive). The stove was schedule today. The delivery man showed up this AM with the incorrect and lower cost slide in version of the stove. He picked up the wrong stove and refused to assist me in getting it sorted out. He blamed the error on the sears distribution center who should have also checked to make sure they loaded the correct item. I was told it would be up to me to sort it out with the sears service center, since he was just contracted to deliver the equipment for sears. I called the service center and was put on hold for 30-40 minutes. I drove to the store where it was purchased (northlake mall in Atlanta) and a sales associate tried to call the distribution ctr. on my behalf but her phone was not working. So, I gave her my cell to make the call, only to have her pawn the phone off on me so she could do other things at the store. So, I am thinking that I drove to the freaking Sears store just to be put on hold? WTF. I was told I would hear back from the delivery person asap to arrange a new time. 2 hours later, no call…nothing. I tried to call the sears store but could not get the sales associate. Then I called the service center. Again, on hold on the phone for the last 50 minutes. Finally a sales rep answers and says that I need to work it out with the driver who delivered the incorrect stove this morning at 8am. I called the driver and he refused to help and said tough, I would have to work it out with Sears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, now I am going to go to the sears store and cancel the $2,300 purchase so it is not on my card.

    I WILL NEVER EVER use Sears again. Never have I dealt with a more incompetent organization. Every single one of their employees acted as if they were doing me a huge favor just to speak with me for a few minutes; none were proactive problem resultion. They did not give a rats ass if I got the item that I purchased.

    I read that Sears has been downsizing. I doubt with this customer service approach that they will be around much longer.

  11. Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, they all fall down.

    Even customer resolution cannot adequately resolve what they are supposedly empowered to resolve. They will throw a $65.oo credit on the service call and still make you wait another week to send somebody, who may or may not show up, back to fix what you have already waited three weeks to get fixed.

    Better to call your local guy, at least it keeps the money in your community. Sears is no long interested in providing you with excellent customer service. They only want to separate you from your money and they don’t have any intention of doing anything for that money.

    Oh, and forget about contact Corporate and the million dollar clown running the joint. He doesn’t give a rats ass about you and your service issue.

    Sears is DEAD.

  12. If you want action and are A resonable person get the right person in their Blue Ribbon deptarment or post online and get social media department they can solve your problems fast. I will not post instructions however if you can use google you can get things done and pray you get Joy or somebody as good.

  13. Customer unfriendly Sears continues to suck. They beat me out of $89 with their “Sears Sucky” warranty. Avoid stress – Avoid sears.

  14. Wow, I wish I had checked here before ordering a refrigerator from Sears. The delivery people started arguing with me right away that the size refrigerator I ordered would not fit in the space in our kitchen. WRONG!!! We clearly had 34″ and the refrigerator was 32.8″–plenty of room. He called his supervisor and told him I was swearing at him and I was not swearing at him. He will burn in hell for lying about it too. They were just too lazy to carry out our old fridge, which is quite heavy. I wasted my whole day removing all the food and putting it in coolers and they jerked me around like this. Wondering if I should just cancel after reading all these posts. I will NEVER set foot in a Sears store again. It has been going downhill a long time now, but that’s the last straw. We are going to cut up our new Sears card and send it to the President in Hoffman Estates, IL. That’s where the corporate office is located, in case anyone wants to complain to them.
    Sears Holdings Corporation
    3333 Beverly Road
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
    (847) 286-2500

  15. They are racist!
    Last three times I went to our local Sears store with my black husband and baby girl looking for baby items-crib,clothes etc-they announce the same security zone to be watched!
    Security-zone 11…Security zone 11!
    Boycotting! We used to go there for quality -now it’s just insulting.

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