APA women leader spotlight: Caroline Fan

Angry Asian Man is running a series on APA women leaders.  Here’s Caroline Fan:

As a communications maven and organizer, she works tirelessly to advance immigrant and worker rights. In 2008-2009, her work ensured that no significant anti-immigrant bills passed in the states, passing anti-child labor law in Iowa and defeating regressive legislation in states like Arizona, Georgia and Kansas. A prolific writer and feminist, at the age of 19 she was published in Yell-Oh Girls, an Asian American women’s anthology.

Caroline firmly believes that leadership includes bringing others up and mentors other young women through CAPAL and the National Urban Fellows. She serves as Endorsements Chair of the Asian American Action Fund, where she has increased the numbers of endorsed women candidates and helped 10 APA women get elected. She established its Campaign Fellows program which puts young APAs on hot campaigns to develop a new generation of political leaders, and started the award winning AAAFund blog.

Caroline’s hero is her mom, who is pretty awesome too.

See the rest of the women spotlighted here.

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