Oh internets

Subtitled:  A cautionary tale of woe in which the moral of the story is you should move every five years.

So I am busy decrapifying.  This is a lot of work.  Ideally decrapifying should be done on a regular (daily) basis.  Things should come in and then things should go out.  In the meantime, everything should be moved around and cleaned underneath, etc.  Rinse and repeat.

So I have a problem. 

There is a paint can that has bonded to the floor.  It is not one of those little gallon cans.  No, it is a giant industrial size can.  And when I tried to lift it, it resisted my puny efforts.  When I tried to give it a good shove, it made an ominous cracking noise and I could smell paint.

It appears the bottom of the can is rusting and there is a crack almost all the way around. Which I am sure will explode in gooey goodness all over the floor if I persist in wrestling it to freedom.

So tell me, wise internets.  What would you do?


5 thoughts on “Oh internets

  1. I would go to home depot and ask about either turpentine or paint thinner to unglue it, or ask somebody in the paint dept? Sounds horrible..wish I could help.

  2. As first commenter said, wet edge with paint thinner, use thin metal scraper to release. That’s assuming paint is oil based. If latex, use spray bottle of water.

    Keep old rags handy in case you need them!

  3. You can put kitty litter into the can of paint to absorb the paint so it doesn’t spill all over the floor. I’d do that before trying to get the can up (although it will make the can heavier). Paint thinner and a metal scraper sound like excellent suggestions, though.

  4. Can you open up the top and scoop out the paint into something else, which you will then dispose? If the can’s empty (and I don’t think even having kitty litter in it is a great idea) then it’ll be a lot less daunting to remove.

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