Oh internets

If any of you could tell me what the names of these songs are, I would greatly appreciate it.  I have been asked to help a kid learn to play these songs.  My musical education is sadly deficient.  While I can sight-sing, I cannot sight-play nor can I read music.  Thus I am hoping to find a recording of these two pieces.

Score 1

Score 2.


Thank you and yes, I should have stuck with my music lessons.  But I didn’t.  I used to cheat by having a musical friend play new music for me.  If I hear it, I can learn it.


9 thoughts on “Oh internets

  1. If no one is able to identify them, previews of the sheet music for a lot of Richard Meyer’s work can be seen in the online catalog here: http://jwpepper.com/

    I looked at a few before I realized it would be easier for someone who knew which instrument was involved to narrow the search. If you can find the visual match, the catalog also has an option to listen to many of the pieces.

    Another option (assuming that you don’t have a way to contact the kid’s music teacher?) might be to contact a university’s music department and ask if they have a music librarian who might have time to look at them for you — a music librarian might also be able to provide access to recordings.

  2. my musically-inclined boyfriend has identified the instrument as violin, “probably second violin”.
    I’m having a bit of trouble navigating the jwpepper site though so I’m not really getting any farther.

    Good luck!

  3. How is it that you can sight sing but not read music? I’m just confused, because in my definition of the term, it means you can read music and then sing it back without needing also to plunk it out on the piano. How do you do that if you can’t read music? Really not trying to be mean, just curious as to what you mean.

  4. I can’t tell what note is what unless I count from the bottom. But I can (mostly) look at music and sing it. Never did learn to play from music, possibly because I always used to try to hear the score first. That way I could play it from memory. My music teacher told my parents I have perfect pitch. This makes it painful to listen to my own performance.

  5. Ahhhh. I see. I was always jealous of people who could play by ear. I can plunk out melodies, but harmonies and accompaniment are impossible unless I’m looking at black and white stuff that Mozart wrote. Reading music is convenient but also limiting if you’re only classically trained. I think you win. :-)

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