Dear prospective adoptive parent

If you’ve “always wanted a China doll,” go and get a damn doll.  You can play with it and dress it in pretty clothes and do its hair and change its name at your whim.  You can tell your beautiful fragile plaything that you knew you were meant to be together because it was G-d’s will that she be abandoned so that you could have a dream come true.  It can be your fairy tale.  You can imagine your happy heterosexual baby doll on her wedding day.

And you can live a happy, contented life knowing you saved a little doll from a life of hardship.

But leave real live children out of it.

That is all.

9 thoughts on “Dear prospective adoptive parent

  1. ARGGGH! She *actually said that*! That’s worse than the idiot a’dad in Wo Ai Ni, Mommy saying they adopted Chinese because he always liked…what was it, kung fu movies?

    What if I walked into the Chinese orphanage with 40k, pushed the corners of my eyes up, and said “Me want chinky chinky baby, grow up pretty, wash shirtee?” They’d just take my money and hand me one, no awareness required? Heaven help these kids.

  2. Her adoptive father made the China doll remark. Awkward.

    I wonder how these white parents would feel if they saw me in an adoption centre raving about how I’ve always wanted a little white baby doll to love and dress up and play with. My guess it that it would creep them out.

    In fact, they should all be forced to watch a video of a non-white couple gushing about how they want a little white doll to play with. It might teach them some self-awareness.

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