That time again

Remember the smell of fresh crayons?  The sharpener in the back of the box if you were lucky enough to get the 64-pack?  Coloring carefully to maintain the point?

It’s back to school time again.  I read somewhere that the average cost of school supplies for elementary school children is now around a hundred bucks.  The amount of required stuff is staggering.  I was at the office supply store the other day, and it was loaded with parents perusing multiple-page lists.

In our area, somebody typically runs a drive for used supplies that are sent to the other side of town.  But I’ve seen the donation box, and it’s a sorry collection of unwanted, used-up crap.  I tried to tactfully suggest that maybe new supplies could be collected instead, but I guess tact isn’t my strong point.

So every year around this time I try to pick up a few sale items and put them aside to drop off at the shelter or food pantry.  I have reams and reams of notebook paper purchased for a penny each.  This week Jewel-Osco has 70-page spiral notebooks on sale for a quarter.  CVS has 10-packs of papermate pens for 50 cents.  Office Depot has folders for 1 cent and composition notebooks, kids scissors and 24-packs of crayons for 25 cents. Target has sets of colored markers for 99 cents.  Plus a tech friend threw in a bunch of thumb drives.

If you see any good sales, post them here.  Remember the smell of your own new crayons.

Week of 08/22 sales:  Office Max 70-page spiral notebooks for one cent; Crayola 24-pack crayons for 15 cents; 12 pack of #2 pencils 5 cents; composition notebooks 50 cents


5 thoughts on “That time again

  1. Staples has some really great sales this week. 1-subject notebooks are $.01 each with a $5 purchase (limit 6 per customer). They also have 1″ binders for $.25 each, compositions books for $.25 each, pencil boxes for $.50 each, and BIC pens, pencils and correction fluid are buy 2, get 1 free, mix and match. Zebra Z-Grip mechanical pencils are free after a rebate, for anyone inclined to send in their receipt. And if anyone is looking for a more substantial way to boost a kid’s self-esteem, they’ve got backpacks marked down 25-50%. These run through August 20.

  2. I’m new here (followed a link at Shakesville). Depending on where you live, you might find some great deals at a dollar store. I bought a pack of a dozen pencil sharpeners and they work better than the expensive ones I’ve used. It’s really hit-or-miss, but sometimes you can find high quality school supplies there.

  3. Where I live, a local corporation runs a backpack drive and they fill new backpacks and there are internal challenges to outdo each other. The local supply store has a bin where we can put new supplies and also we can donate cash so the local partner agency can buy what is needed if it hasn’t been donated. Every kid deserves to start school with new things. Besides crayons, I have bought geometry sets, rulers, paper, sketch pads, and whatever else might be on that year’s school list.

    People are hurting and they don’t have the same network they used to rely on. I remember all too well getting ready for my child’s first day of school (I was unemployed at the time and my partner was on a job action) and freaked out beyond belief. I had family who helped, but I haven’t forgotten what it was like and I make a point of sharing what I can every year since then so it makes a difference in some kid’s life, and especially their parents.

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