Five others

They set out to “fuck with some n*ggers.”  Just off the interstate, they came across 49-year-old James Anderson.  So the seven white teens viciously beat him.  Afterwards, one car with four of the teens left.  Then Deryl Dedmon, Jr. drove off, bumping over the curb and accelerating to run over Anderson.

It was captured on security video.

Dedmon has been charged with murder.  The driver of the other vehicle, John Aaron Rice, has been charged with simple assault.

But there were five other teens along for the ride that night.  No charges have been filed against the five others.

Just another day in post-racial America.

(Also, I’d note that CNN describes Dedmon as being five feet tall and 130 pounds.  I can only speculate on why they included that information and how they obtained it.  News footage of Dedmon shows that he is the same height or taller than several of the correctional officers escorting him.  A professional videocamera shown in the corner of one shot is held slightly below his head height.)

Edited to add:  Here’s a video still of Dedmon walking through a doorway.

What do you think the doorway clearance is?  Six footers need to duck?

Edited again to add:  According to the Hinds County inmate detail, Dedmon is 5′ 9″ and weighs 130.


5 thoughts on “Five others

  1. I saw that and wondered the same thing myself – 5 feet tall? He’s as tall as the folks leading him away. But more than that, what’s the relevance there? What, are they trying to somehow humanize this monster?

  2. Every time I read about this story it brings tears to my eyes. But when I was telling someone at work about it just now, I looked at the article again and realized that this didn’t happen yesterday like I first thought. It happened in June! And we’re just hearing about it now.

    I also noted how CNN presented the diminutive size of the alleged murderer as though perhaps it was somewhat unbelievable that such a small boy would do such a thing.

    Honestly, I’m still completely thrown that this kind of thing can be perpetrated by teenagers who obviously have no thought of reaping any consequences. (And apparently, may not all have to *face* them.) What kind of culture must they be living in to do something so heinous, so hate-filled, and imagine they will escape punishment??

    I already know the people who claim we are so post-racial will just say this is an anomaly. But I have to think that if young people are attacking and killing random black people, simply for being black, we’re not even as far along as I thought.

  3. I read a fair amount of news as well – what amazes me is that the only major US news outlet I’ve seen this story in is CNN. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I was listening to Blacking it Up yesterday, and L. Joy said she’d heard about it a month or two ago (how, I have no idea) and I was really surprised. I feel like this is some sensational ish that would be blowing up the news, but I suppose right now it’s all about the Dow and S&P and all of that.

    I’m also noticing the response to this is decidedly localized – meaning that people are specifically attributing this to Mississippi or the South – instead of accepting that there is a larger national conversation/attitude against brown people that is contributing to these types of occurrences. Folks up north/out west generally look at the South and say there’s a bunch of racist, ignorant folks down here (which there are), glazing over the similar sentiments that permeate the rest of the country. Folks in the South generally look at Mississippi (or whatever state they don’t live in) and say, I sure am glad I don’t live in that racist place. The world is too small to say that one area is exclusive/uninfluenced.

  4. Yeah, you didn’t see nearly so much blame on location in the murder of Luis Ramirez by those Pennsylvania men. I think the whole idea that the south is more racist is really problematic.

    By the way, we’re apparently not the only ones wondering about the height thing since there are a number of searches looking for Dedmon’s height that end up here. For the record, the jail lists his height at 5′ 9″.

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