Yep, that’s scary

Two teens shot in Chicago.  A reporter interviews a child at the scene. The reporter prefaces the short clip with “Kids on the street, as young as four, were there to see it all unfold, and a disturbing reaction:”

Reporter:  When you get older you going to stay away from all these guns?

Kid:  No.

Reporter:  No?

Kid:  No.

Reporter:  What do you want to do when you get older?

Kid:  I’m going to have me a gun!

The broadcast video clip ends here, and the news anchors comment on how scary this is. Little black kids who want guns! (Nevermind those troublesome ethical issues about interviewing kids on camera.)

Part of the video went unaired. The reporter goes on to ask, “Why do you want to do that?” and the kid replies, “I’m going to be the police.”

They left the scariest part on the cutting room floor, apparently.

4 thoughts on “Yep, that’s scary

  1. Is there any information as to who leaked the entire video? I think I would be interested to know how the truth made it to the light of day – I’m quite glad it did, though.

    I can’t say I’m surprised. But it still hurts. The sick perpetuation of the violent black male stereotype (even their *children* want to shoot people!) is awful, and reinforces how much it is ingrained in the culture to expect this from brown people in general.

  2. I initially read about the airing of the footage of a young boy at the Maynard Institute website. The article was about the ethics of using the interview of a young child. The Maynard Institute said subsequently somebody sent a video of the full interview, which includes the kid’s comment “I’m going to be the police.”

    WBBM was contacted for the first story (about the ethics of showing a child) but did not say anything about its creative editing.

  3. honestly, the scariest part of this to me is that any african person would WANT to be a cop. that’s like a jew volunteering for the SS.

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