Four stories

Friends, family mark 100th birthday of a Florin hero:   Bob Fletcher assumed responsibility for three Japanese American family farms during World War II.  He harvested the crops and paid the mortgages.  Doris Taketa, who was forced into the concentration camp when she was 12 years old, was at the party.

Nearly seven decades later, internees and history project visit Manzanar:  The photograph of Fumiko Hayashida is one of the most lasting images of the camps.  In April 2011, 100-year-old Hayashida returned to Manzanar.

The next two stories are old (the second is from 2008) and deserved blog posts of their own. However, I still don’t have any idea what to write.  Read them yourself and maybe you’ll see what I mean.

A gentleman of war:   I keep meaning to write about this guy, who was Japanese/white and who changed his last name from Nishimura to Westdale, as did his siblings.  Westdale still ended up with the segregated 442nd.

An Internment Camp Within an Internment Camp:  Joe Morris Sr.’s passing reminded me of this story.  The residents of Poston concentration camp were held on an Indian reservation so that they could build infrastructure.


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