One thought on “Joe Morris Sr., 1926-2011

  1. Colleen Anderson has been a close friend of mine for years. She introduced me to her father more than 25 years ago. When she told me about her father being a Code Talker I didn’t quite understand it. She then told me the whole story and eventually met her father at a Pow Wow. He would tell many stories of his time at war. When he received the Silver Congressional Medal of Honor Colleen was so excited she called me. With the excitement brought upon me asked her if she and her father would come over to take pictures so I called friends and family to come to my home. I got to actually hold the medal. It was a great experience. My memories of Joe Morris Sr. will linger forever as he was kind to all, quiet man with a good sense of humor. He was a man of dignity and a hero for our nation.

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