‘White lies’

Another story about a dude who changed his name on his resume.  “Daniel McClean” got five callbacks out of six.  “Agnok Lueth” didn’t get any.

Yeah, we’ve heard it before.


2 thoughts on “‘White lies’

  1. Hey, you know what…? Here’s the thing, see:

    That’s not racism.

    That’s just the employer thinking about teamwork in the workplace, like uh language and culture. Yeah. You must know that, unless you have a white name, you don’t speak proper english and your culture is wrong, that’s just probability, pure math really – at least at my workplace. That’s how every employer thinks, you know?

    Just ‘splainin’ (double apostrophe!).

    Gawd, those comment sections are poisonous! Boo, hiss!

  2. A bunch of us (men and women) applied for post university work programs in newspapers. At one paper, all the men got interviews, but none of the women, save one. When we asked how it went, she said they were surprised when she walked in to find out she was a woman. Her birthname was considered quite complicated being “foreign”, so she had always gone by a nickname. As “Rob” she was able to get in the door, provide her credentials, and given her qualifications, was ultimately offered a job. But she would never have gotten in otherwise.

    I think the last quote sums it up:
    “When a young person has to change their name because they’re discriminated against, it’s an indication of bias and prejudice in our society and a fear of those who are different.”

    So yeah, I totally get where this guy is coming from, and I find it incredibly sad that we’re still at this place in the 21 century.

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