Update: Crazy stories

A recent article about the death of 17-year-old Kevin Kennelly states that the police would not confirm that Kennelly was trying to intervene in an altercation when 19-year-old James Malecek punched him in the head. Stories right after Kennelly’s death talked about how the teen was a “peacemaker.” He was a good kid. Just the type who would step in to stop a fight, even at the risk to his own life.

But the early news reports stated only that police said Kennelly “may” have been trying to intervene.

The 911 tapes have been released and reportedly Kennelly was highly intoxicated. Additionally, the caller claims she does not know who he is. His friends apparently did not call for help.

Malecek was arraigned Thursday morning and pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he faces potential sentences of 10-36 years.

Various comments around the web and some news reports state that trouble started when a group of Mt. Carmel students (Kennelly was from Mt. Carmel) began harassing Malecek’s younger sister.  She had a flag or a bandanna emblazoned with a flag and they reportedly called her “un-American,” along with racial slurs.  (This reminded me of something that happened when I rode my tricycle in a Fourth of July parade.  I must have been three or four.)

Some news articles referred to Malecek as a “Korean man.”  At the arraignment, Judge Kathleen Lang asked him, “Do you understand the English language?”

Yeah, crazy stories.


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