Update: Banking while black

Chase Bank had Ikenna Njoku jailed for allegedly forging a check.  Which incidentally was drawn on Chase Bank and was legit.  So Njoku was kept in jail for four nights, he lost his job, and his car was towed and sold at auction.

Chase has settled.  No word on the terms.  Here’s the statement:

“We have resolved the situation amicably. We deeply regret what happened to Mr. Njoku and have apologized to him. Chase has already changed its procedures in branches to avoid situations like this.”

Wonder what the change in procedure looks like. “Do not call the police and have anybody arrested without verifying the check first.”


2 thoughts on “Update: Banking while black

  1. I don’t generally wish job searches on folks, but I’m hoping there are a few former Chase employees that are now currently looking, in direct result of the settlement.

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