Lazy blogger, eating edition

Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times

This is Jim Nakano, also known as the Donut Man.  Here he’s holding a tray of his famous strawberry donuts.  He also makes a peach version when peaches are in season.  Now I’m hungry.

Ramin Talaie/Getty Images

This is Sonya Thomas, also known as the Black Widow.  Thomas ate 40 hot dogs in 10 minutes to take home the women’s prize of $10,000.  It should be noted that Thomas has previously bested Joey Chestnut, the winner of the men’s contest.  Maybe she held back because she knew she didn’t have to eat 22 more dogs to win that ten grand.

Anyway, I felt hungry after reading about the Donut Man but a little queasy after reading about the Black Widow.  I don’t think reversing the order of the stories would help any.  If anything, the thought of donuts after 40 hot dogs is barf-inducing for sure.

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