‘Veteran of Iraq War now fights his own deportation’

From the New York Times.   Elisha Dawkins thought he was a United States citizen. He had a Florida birth certificate that was issued years after his birth and a U.S. passport.    He served in both the army and the navy and held a security clearance.

But there was a deportation order for him from 1992, when he was eight years old.

He has been charged with lying on his passport application.

3 thoughts on “‘Veteran of Iraq War now fights his own deportation’

  1. I think residency requirements are waived for veterans who have served a certain period of time, so they have a so-called “fast track” to citizenship. And if you serve in combat, the requirement is just one day of service. But Dawkins was never a legal resident, and I don’t know how that affects his case. Strangely enough, I read another article that claimed he isn’t going to be deported, just charged for passport fraud.

    Our record when it comes to promising citizenship to vets isn’t all that great.

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