Another adoptee with no citizenship

From the Commercial Appeal.  Note that in the comments, there is somebody who doesn’t fully understand the issue yet erroneously and repeatedly insists that adoptees get automatic citizenship.  Which has been my experience with white adoptive parents.

WAP:  There was some law passed that made all adoptees citizens, automatically!

Me:  Actually, the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 grants citizenship to certain eligible adoptees if all conditions of the Act are met.  And it does not apply to adoptees who were 18 or older as of the effective date, which was February 27, 2001.

WAP:  So adopted kids don’t need Certificates of Citizenship!

On another note, I saw a news article about a citizenship ceremony and the kid from Wo Ai Ni Mommy was one of the recipients.  So I was glad to see her parents took care of that.

Edited for clarification, misplaced modifier and to add:  I just noticed there are news photos  from around the time of her adoption.  So her parents must have invited press coverage then.


One thought on “Another adoptee with no citizenship

  1. Kidsave should be stepping up to the plate here and helping her out.

    Also, I just think that in general, teens can be difficult, these ap;’s were not fit to adopt any child.

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