Eleven months

That’s what former BART officer Johannes Mehserle served for shooting Oscar Grant in the back.


7 thoughts on “Eleven months

  1. It only gets worse when you read the comments on whichever news outlet you read it from. Most are siding with the cop and saying the race card is being blown out of proportion.

  2. Wow…. invoulintary or neglectful manslaughter only gets you 11 months?

    My rage is incomparable at the moment.


  3. “A judge ruled Friday that Mehserle should be given credit for time served and good conduct.” . . . and for being white.

    Never read the comments, people. Unless you WANT a migraine.

  4. LOL. Nice one, bets.

    As I understand though, the normal sentence is around 12 months for inv. manslaughter, or criminal neglect and that kind of thing in certain states. Does anyone have any examples of POC’s that were sentenced for longer than year because of the same crime? That would make headlines (or not, as the media isn’t really interested).

  5. If I think about this too long it makes me want to cry. This whole incident just reaffirms the fact that brown people can be in a complete surrender, and still lose their lives over some BS. And the penalty? Next to nothing when compared with a life.

    Vick served 21 months for his part in dogfighting. Which I do not condone. But as far as I’m aware, no people were killed. I know it’s sticky when we start equating crimes, but I’m just not down with this. I am upset. Over and over we’re told that our lives are not worth anything, and then people have the nerve to ask why some black people aren’t achieving to their potential. Or why some black people don’t believe in the system. Or why some black people don’t trust white people.

    I just heard a story about a man who was falsely convicted of robbery with a weapon, and served 8 years for a crime he’ll never be found innocent of, basically because the judge wanted to make an example of him so that black people wouldn’t move to the community.

    I’m tired. And it’s still morning.

  6. I remember reading that he could have been sentenced to four years for involuntary manslaughter or 14 years with the gun enhancement. Mehserle was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter and second-degree murder.

    The first case I thought of was Koua Fong Lee, a man sentenced to eight years for vehicular homicide.

  7. That settles it then, it’s as bad as we always knew it was. We need a statistical database with stuff like this. The one area where whites tend to yield to facts (over their own mentality/reasoning) is the law, because it’s cold hard facts. But what am I saying, we’ve already done that!


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