These people are educators

Be very afraid.

So Angry Asian Man posted this scan of a session being held at the New England Association for College Admission and Counseling:  How to Train Your Dragon – A.K.A. Managing the Deluge from China! 

So of course I had to wander over to the NEACAC site to see what other sessions were being offered and came across “Neither a Cat Fight nor a Convent: Advice and Language for Including a Women’s College on the List.”

Yeah, you couldn’t make this stuff up.


4 thoughts on “These people are educators

  1. The “How to Train Your Dragon” title is a dumb, insensitive way of trying to make one’s session stand out and get attendance. In an effort to be “clever”, whoever came up with the title showed some bad judgment. The women’s college example is a bit unfair in my opinion, however. The point of the session title is that those gross (and, at least in the case of ‘cat fight’, insulting) stereotypes are what parents and students bring to the table when a women’s college is suggested to them. The session, presumably from the title, is about training counselors to constructively deal with and combat those stereotypes.

  2. How to train your dragon?! What is this?

    It’s so absurd its not even racist… I think.


  3. I wonder how they’ll title the seminar on students from India. My money is on something to do with elephants, tigers or cobras.

    Who educates the educators?

  4. Chilly, I don’t think the two titles are all that different.

    My experience is that nobody educates the educators. They have to do it themselves, and very few of them do.

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