Feminism for Real

Edited by Jessica Yee.

We here at Resist Racism have five copies of this book for five of our readers. The lucky recipients will be chosen at whim. Your chances are greatly increased if you are a known commenter, have a blog and write about social justice issues. We will strongly encourage bloggers to write reviews of the book, thoughts about separate essays or any other relevant musings (which we would like to cross-post, as we have been very busy and unable to write lately).

If you would like to enter this not-so-random contest, please provide a compelling reason you should receive a book. But do not provide your mailing address, as we do not wish to make it available to everybody on the internet for all eternity. Thanks and good luck!

About the book:

Against a backdrop exposing a 500+ year legacy of colonization and oppression, Feminism FOR REAL explores what has led us to the existence of “feminism”, who gets to decide what it is, and why. With stories that make the walls of academia come tumbling down, it deals head-on with the conflicts of what feminism means in theory as opposed to real life, the frustrations of trying to relate to definitions of feminism that never fit no matter how much you try to  change yourself to fit them, and the anger of changing a system while  being in the system yourself.


6 thoughts on “Feminism for Real

  1. I’m not much of a writer and I live way over in Norway so I won’t sign up for this contest. Unless… you discover that you have one too many and want to give it to a 24 year old black male who is the daily manager of a pan-Afrikan youth organizaton :D If not, I’ll figure a way to buy it.

    May I ask where you got the copies, it’s not on Amazon so I’ll have to look for other outlets.


  2. As a woman and a minority, I definitely understand and face the characteristics of feminism everyday. I don’t have the freedom of a white man in the US who can do as he pleases without much worry or boundaries. Although I am in no way a scholar or expert, I would love to read the book and give it a review. I would be interested in seeing how this book differs from other feminism books and see if there’s more the author could have elaborated.

  3. I would love to review it, but I’m also overseas. If that is not an issue, would the fact that I’m a 30 year old biracial woman living in Scandinavia be compelling enough?

  4. Ah, should’ve clicked it first time around.

    Just bought it. The book in question is heading to a yet another bi-racial in Scandinavia (there’s more tha one?!?!?!! j/k), thank you Resistance for sharing the information!

    Have a good weekend.

  5. I am half black, half white by birth, half Chicana half Jewish by adoption, and female. Not that that alone should get me the book. But I do read your blog regularly, I comment when I think I have something to add to the conversation, and I think reading the book would be good for me, as I tend to blog about my attempts to educate myself in the areas my university education lacked emphasis, and the title of the blog is “comp lit and mediaphilia,” relating to my obsession with de- and re-contextualizing things, finding connections, and making seemingly irrelevant things seem relevant. Also I’ve been hearing about this book and I do sincerely want to read it.

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