Meet Ernestine Shepherd

Photo by Adam Kaufman

Body building champion. Runs 10 miles a day. Does pull-ups and push-ups. And is 74 years old.

(WTF is up with AOL calling this “weird news,” by the way?)


5 thoughts on “Meet Ernestine Shepherd

  1. I also notice how older women are referred to as “grandmother,” as if it’s especially noteworthy that a grandmother has done something. And they are feisty as well.

  2. I thought this was a fantastic story when I read it last week. She is one incredible woman.

    And truth be told, I thought to myself: “this should go to Resistance …”


  3. Not predictability: just the fact that you have created a space where these kinds of stories can be honoured and where people like me who are searching for a different way of seeing and thinking can learn and celebrate and recognize similar stories and experience worth valuing in our own communities… :)

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