Then comment at length, removing the need for me to blog.

Riding while Snappled:  Passenger Douglas Brown was drinking a strawberry-kiwi Snapple and spent two days in custody.

Whites believe they are victims of racism more often than blacks:   Well, I think we knew that already.  You can read the whole study here (.pdf link).  Here’s the summary table:

Edited to add one more:  Lawsuit:  Only white workers at Washington hospital ward.


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  1. I’m fully aware that racism impacts all of us so I can believe there can be an anti white bias. Do I think it’s that high? Not by a long shot. Many times I hear them talk about instances of rasicm happening to them it usually revolves around not getting their way in some petty manner. So after reading that article and seein that graph I’m inclined to believe that it’s more of a tantrum then anything else.

  2. I saw that thing about “anti-white bias” a couple days ago. I think it’s a reaction to an incredibly tiny, but creeping loss of privilege – specifically felt since the 2008 election, with reactions demonstrated by the Tea Party and other far-right Republicans.

    It is the driver behind the constant study of exactly *when* white people will be outnumbered, attacks on immigration reform, and the insinuation that universal health care is some form of reparations for black people. (I’m still incredulous about that last one) As my dad says, white people are afraid that when they finally attain minority status, brown people will treat them as they have treated us. Because it is what they would do.

    (Of course – all of this is with the obvious caveat that the term ‘white people’ does not in fact apply to every single white person in America. This is a ‘shoe fits, wear it’ sitch.)

    The lengths to which some white people will go to ensure they relinquish exactly zero privilege, though? That straight up boggles my mind. The hate and fear that must lie underneath all that effort is plain scary. And the fact that so many are supportive of those efforts, without ever examining their own privilege or the source of their fear…sometimes it’s overwhelming.

    I’ll admit that coming to terms with your own privilege is difficult, uncomfortable, maybe even painful. But it’s the only way to live in truth. To see things how they really are. I suppose, though, that ignorance is bliss.

  3. It’s interesting that I have encountered white ppl on line at places like the DKOS, who feel that the term, “white people” is offensive, probably because to be labeled doesn’t feel so good if its you being labeled.

    I also think that the bias that white ppl so often are referring to would be stuff like affirmative action in jobs or education. Proof is the affirmative action bake sales held on college campus. Even if they don’t get it right, it’s a belief held tightly.

  4. Jen, I like your reply. Just had to put that out there, excellent insight and display of understanding.


  5. totally believe it, resistance. Where I live and work, even though most white males are actively benefiting from their privilege in any given moment, they would steadily deny that simply because they weren’t born in the effing lap of luxury (i.e. the freaking Biltmore), they led “hard-scrabble” lives, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, and don’t understand why black people want everything handed to them…present company excluded of course. SMH.

    ps: Thanks, Chimaobi. =)

  6. =) thx, resistance.

    Sorry to keep adding things, but I was listening to NPR yesterday, and they were talking about how they caught that guy (Mladic) who ordered the execution of thousands of Muslim boys and men in Srebrenica. They interviewed a reporter who covered the war and he talked about how Mladic incensed people to be on his side by calling the Muslims “Turks”, and how he referenced the killing of Serbs in that same region in 1804. The situations are certainly quite different in many ways, but just reminds me of the fact that this is where the fears white people have come from – the fear that with brown people attaining any sort of real power, comes a fierce reprisal for hundred-year old atrocities.

    When you other someone, you almost never ascribe attributes of reasonableness, or forgiveness to them. But I believe most brown people just want to move on with life – without having to fight such an uphill battle everyday. (which is actually documented in a small way in an article about feminists dealing with race here:


    Sorry to drop so many links – but I thought they might interest y’all.

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