The postracial society

Everyone will be white. Problem solved!

I saw this in a magazine yesterday when I was at the doctor’s office.  It’s an advertisement for some Dove product, and shows you the “Before” and “After.”

So I googled around to see what other people were saying.  (As usual, don’t read the comments.)  Many people said that this was not a real ad.  Again failing to perform even the easiest of searches.  Because here’s the picture direct from the Dove website, since I couldn’t steal the doctor’s magazine.

10 thoughts on “The postracial society

  1. Hahahahahaha.

    Reminds me of that thing that Carol’s Daughter pulled just recently.


  2. The “before” and “after” are relating to the skin swatches, which incidentally are the same colour, placed immediately under the words “before” and “after”. Not the women.
    Having said that, the placement of the three humans is… unfortunate and does seem strange.

  3. I’m not ‘splaining anything, I just think it’s a pointless complaint. Why not talk about skin bleaching, or nose jobs, or boob jobs instead if you want something racially biased? Or the fact that racism is still so systemic that a slew of politically correct terms are used unnecessarily. Whining about a skin cream ad kind of just makes you seem like you’ve got a hyperactive racism radar.

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