Dear Borders

You probably already know this, but we are through. All I wanted to do was to use up the gift cards. So I ordered books on your website. Which was my own mistake. But I was not the one who listed them as available and ready to ship in 24 hours and then changed the status to backorder. Nor was I the one who charged my credit card before the order shipped, explaining that was so “we can make sure you will pay us for the book you wanted.”

So you finally gave me a refund, although it was as a gift card instead of a credit card refund. With a nice explanatory letter saying that somehow the “system” failed to process the refund. No kidding. So I used up $6 worth of gas driving to see if the gift card really had money on it. Because one of the dudes on a consumer forum said his refund card was empty. And I spent all but three bucks of it. This despite the fact that the store had so little to interest me. (I gave the card to some cranky white customer in the store, and I thought how much nicer it would have been if I didn’t have to drive out to the sticks to shop in an all-white environment.) And now we are through.

I guess I should have known it was over last year when you could never figure out that reward program, and kept telling me that I did not have an account even when I had that stupid card.

I remember your shiny enticing store near my most favorite place to work in the whole world, and how I had such hopes for you. Alas, our relationship was not to be.


One thought on “Dear Borders

  1. I feel that way when I go home to south america. Having to drive so far to be stuck in a building with only hispanic people.

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