Feminism for Real

Book tour with stops in New York (May 19) and Ontario (May 25).  Details over at Racialicious.   Buy the book here.


3 thoughts on “Feminism for Real

  1. Hi ya.

    (not so) Quick question; I often use feminism – or to be more precise, the male power structure and mens role in it (lack of awareness, privilege etc) to parallell the white power structure/whiteness/white supremacy as it essentially is the same on many levels.

    But sadly, I haven’t read enough on feminism. Apart from a little de Beauvoir when I was younger, and Nnaemeka’s Sisterhood, Feminisms and Power I have hardly sat down to read about feminism.

    You reccomend this book as an entry into (what I call) critical, non-white (?) feminism?


  2. Whoa, what an intellectual power-house of a woman. Instant win. I co-sign, endorse and all that.

    I will get this book.

    Thanks for sharing!

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