Our history

Corporal Joseph Pierce, who served with the Connecticut Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War

Although only about 200 people of Chinese descent lived in the eastern United States, there were at least 58 who fought in the Civil War. (Note that I don’t say “Chinese Americans” because at the time Chinese people could not become U.S. citizens.)

Article here. You can also listen to an interview with writer Ruthanne Lum McCunn.

8 thoughts on “Our history

  1. that is cool. Chinese in the civil war. Just another example of how much “traditional” history has been distorted from the truth.

  2. lol Katie.

    fish, I had an argument with someone about how long Chinese people have been in the U.S. and he kept insisting that none fought in the Civil War. Because for many people “I haven’t heard of it” = “It does not exist.”

  3. I was telling my daughters about this last night. They were fascinated and also horrified at the Chinese Exclusion Act, and asked why they don’t learn about these things in school. I said that would be a good question to ask their teachers.

  4. He he, I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only with the same thoughts…

    @matada: yes, students should be asking these questions, even if their teachers are simply going by the curriculum they’ve been handed. Given how much the US doesn’t value education as we demonstrate through our continuous budget cuts, they’re going to get less and less of the full picture of history with fewer books, fewer teachers, fewer schools, etc.

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