How’s your day going?

I thought it was going pretty well.  Woke up early and got the taxes done.  But then I broke my rice cooker.  Yes I did.  No, I don’t want to talk about it.  Just wanted to mention it to people who would understand.

Also, I found a brown rice that is similar in texture to white rice.  It is a brand called “Sukoyaka.”  It’s even good for sushi.  Do take note that the glycemic index for brown rice is nearly as high as for white.  So you still have to eat it in moderation, but it has higher health benefits overall.

How is your day going?  Extra points if you have something amusing to relate.

10 thoughts on “How’s your day going?

  1. One of my friends left a note on my FB that according to the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Skynet becomes self-aware on April 19, 2011.

    I told one of my coworkers (he turned 28 today) and he just looked blankly at me. Then said, “I don’t know what that means.”

    Apparently he’s never seen Terminator.

    I keep telling myself I’m not old. But wow.

  2. I found a really tasty brand of jasmine brown rice from Thailand.

    I finally have 32 Facebook friends. Pretty exciting.

    I guess I won’t get extra points.

  3. I just looked at the calendar and thought to myself, “Dang, I wish Easter was on a weekday this year so I would get a day off.” I guess you could say it’s been a long day.

    So what rice cooker floats your boat? I’m in the market!

  4. I felt productive until I realized that I had forgotten about an appointment to meet up with a potential client. Back in February.

  5. This is your chance, switch to a clay pot rice cooker! It tastes ten times better than an electronic one and is also ten times cheaper. If you’re a beginner, go for a glazed clay pot. If you want to jump right in, get an unglazed one and pre-soak it for some 5-10 minutes. Add as much rice as you like, wash, add water to about 1cm above the level of the rice (measure by dipping your finger, it should come up to the first finger crease, you’ll need more for brown rice). Cook on a medium heat for some 20-25 minutes, and if you like it burnt, end it with 3-5 minutes of high heat. I swear by my clay pots.
    Thanks for the tip about Sukoyaka brown <3

  6. My two kids and I developed rotavirus (probably) within a couple hours of my husband having to go do work stuff (he usually works from home). So I’ve spent the day attempting to take care of two puking and miserable small children who can barely get off the couch and frequently miss the puke bucket when throwing up, while I myself am puking and being miserable and barely able to get off the loveseat. Although at least I don’t miss the puke bucket, so there’s that.

    Also, Pedialyte’s apple flavor tastes just like apple juice, if apple juice involved additives like “musky armpit” and “spoiled cinnamon”.

  7. Not sure this will fall squarely in the “amusing” category…possibly a little better in “totally out of it,” but:
    1. I sneezed while brushing my teeth this morning and banged my head on the faucet.
    2. I went to pour the old water from the kettle, and found I was pouring it into the compost bucket, not the sink.
    Annnd I need to get more sleep.

  8. My new rice cooker arrived early. jlie, your clay pot sounds good but I need the timer feature. I bought one much like the pictured model, only smaller.

    According to the delivery tracking, it was delivered at 6 a.m. Saturday. I was home and awake and nobody rang the bell. Anyway, rightness has been restored to the world. Hope the same is true for the rest of you, especially Robin.

  9. My sister’s dog ate the cord off my $30 American rice cooker once and I almost had a psychological melt-down. Luckily a friend had an old Zojirushi that she gave to me and life went on. My friend that I am staying with now has a new Zojirushi with induction heating and it is AMAZING, especially the 急速炊き setting and the cute songs it plays when the rice cooks :) Okay that’s me relating to your rice dilemma lol I felt your pain!

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