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A post about how sucks.  Because it lists books as available and ready to ship in 24 hours on its website, and then claims they are back ordered.  For forever.  And then when you ask for a refund, the rep tells you it is in process. Even though it’s been a long time.  More than 10 business days, for sure.

Of course, I should have known enough to stop shopping there last year.  When my “rewards” were not being credited towards the card.  When I went to the store and helpful people tried multiple times to find my card in the system and were unable to do so, even when given my (unique) name and the number and the e-mail address.  Even as ten e-mails a week flooded my inbox.

Borders is also refunding payment in gift cards.  Even if you paid with a credit card.  Because of course everybody prefers a piece of plastic that is basically worthless in exchange for perfectly good money.


3 thoughts on “New regular feature

  1. Yea, I wouldn’t order anything from Borders. They stopped paying their suppliers months ago because of the bankruptcy, which is probably why everything is on back order. Now they’re just trying to extract as much cash from their existing merchandise in order to pay off their creditors before closing down for good.

  2. I was given a Borders gift card for my birthday 2 months ago. I used most of it in-store, but used the last $8 or so to order a DVD on in mid-February. It just arrived yesterday. It was listed as available and after I submitted my order, it was then listed on back-order until it finally shipped a few days ago. And yet, the website still lists that item as immediately available to other customers. Totally frustrating.

  3. I heard Borders is close to being bankrupt now…they closed down most of the stores in my area.

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