My new life plan

I plan to devote myself to synchronized walking. So if you see me out walking around,┬ácome join me. Longer version of this video here. ┬áSo when somebody asks, “What did you do today?” you can respond, “I watched Japanese people walk for ten minutes.”


6 thoughts on “My new life plan

  1. This is cool, but familiar. Looks a lot like what marching bands used to do at halftime before we started using rockstars to give concerts instead. Back in the 1960s my husband used to do exactly this set of stunts with a drill team, but they also did tricks with rifles, spinning them, tossing them exactly the same distance into the air, catching them at the same time, and so on.

    And this video is cool.

  2. lol this is hilarious. To me, it’s like the conservative “You Got Served.” Like the guy who was filming it was so overwhelmed by the walking backwards. Good stuff. Now I have to find more videos…

  3. This stuff is amazing. Did you see any of the WORLD ORDER music videos? It’s seven guys in business suits doing slow motion, synchronized walking and dancing in public places.

  4. We used to do marching drills in Girl Guides, but wow, that was neat, especially the criss-cross. I really liked how the audience responded. I clapped too! Now I am off to watch the full length version. Way cool R!

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