In the afterlife

You might actually get your iPad: Apple iPad 2 replicas burned, sent to afterlife in Chinese Qingming festival

Apple’s iPad 2 is in high demand in a few Asian countries this week as the Qingming festival gets underway.

In the annual tradition, ethnic Chinese families burn paper replicas of items their dead relatives would enjoy in the afterlife, such as designer purses, plush furniture, cars and clothes.

This year, young Chinese are bringing paper replicas of Apple’s iPad 2 into the mix, according to a video report from Reuters. (The device isn’t yet on sale in much of Asia.)

I’m kind of tempted to buy one and keep it on my desk, although it seems a little weird. When I was in China, I saw some American tourists buying joss paper. They said they were going to use it for their baby’s scrapbook.


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