Culture camp.  I’m pretty sure that regular readers have a good idea of what I think about culture camp for transracially adopted children.  The short version?  You can’t teach a culture in the absence of its people.

I received a forwarded advertisement for summer camp.  A camp of the world.  A wonderful experience for adopted children to learn more about their culture.  It came with a brief video.

There was this kind of stuff.  You could see white adults helping little Asian kids to make lanterns.  But then there was the scene of the wedding.  Yes, a wedding with two little black kids and a white preacher.  And what did they do?

They jumped a broom.  Yes they did.

No actual adults of color were involved in this exercise.

Yes, it should probably be added to the WIHAP list.

Yes, this is April Fool’s day.  But sadly, this is not a joke.


10 thoughts on “OMFG

  1. You know, I don’t even get how some adoptive parents believe their children can obtain even a small level of “proficiency” in their birth country’s native language simply by attending classes.

    I’m always sorely tempted to ask them if they became fluent in French or Spanish or whatever after taking it for 2 compulsory years to drive my point across.

  2. Yea, I can see that.

    We go to a CC that has lots of my daughter’s race as adults. I guess we are “lucky?” For me it is for me to learn and apply in life for our family rather than for her so to speak.
    We went to a Tet party this year. One friend asked what it was like. I told her point blank it is a bunch of White Adoptive Parents pretending to know a damned thing about Vietnamese culture and Tet. I know they had a dance troupe that was based on a Chinese dance because, it’s “close enough” or “better than nothing.”

  3. Why didn’t these WHite adopted parents invite a person of the children’s heritage instead of trying to do it themselves?

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