Thanks but no thanks

Fox News:  Foreigners looking to adopt Japanese earthquake orphans need not apply.

Apparently the director of a Japanese adoption agency has been receiving specific requests.  Ms. Ogawa was quoted as follows:

“I have been receiving many strange emails, from mostly U.S., and was asked, ‘I want girl, less than 6 months old, healthy child,’ … “I honestly tell you such a kind of emails makes Japanese people very uncomfortable, because for us, sound like someone who are looking for ‘what I want’ from our terrible disaster.”

No word on the humanitarian parole.  Or the babylift.  Yet.

10 thoughts on “Thanks but no thanks

  1. A while ago there was this white woman who kept e-mailing the Asian American professional societies and asking if any of us wanted to give up our babies.

  2. Nothing clears the sentiment of people adopting are selfish beings as much as actually being confronted by the people who (want to, hopefully don’t succeed) adopt. Sweet jesus.

  3. I think the fact that these people who want to adopt see themselves as helping out is really rather creepy. How many times are the going to swoop in and stead children of colour.

  4. It’s stories like this that always make me wary when I see people adopt children of different backgrounds and makes my heart go out for the children.

  5. very creepy.
    also creepy (quote from same article): “Very few adoptions take place in Japan domestically and only about 30-34 last year internationally” despite having “about 400 children’s homes in the country and about 25,000 children approximately in those homes,”

  6. The State Department listed 33 children arriving on visas from Japan to be adopted in the United States in fiscal year 2010. There were 43 children emigrating from the U.S. to be adopted in other countries in the same time period.

    There are something like 590,000 kids in U.S. foster care. So that’s about 10 x the percentage in Japan.

  7. Is it too much for these self-righteous people to think that maybe these children would be better off in their native countries with their native people and customs? This is very disturbing.

  8. The day after the Haitian quake, the government office I was receptionist for was slammed with call after call for people wanting Haitian babies. I’m still creeped out by that.

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