Reading the comments

For the most part, I don’t read the comments on news sites.  I’m sure you know why.  But here is one I had to share (source):

A story about a 9 years old Japanese boy, a tsunami survivor.

The story was written in Vietnamese by a Vietnamese Japanese who is a Japanese police officer. I read this on a website and I sent the writer a comment/email to ask him to allow me to translate his story to English, but he has not responded to my request yet. It could be that he is so busy to help people in Fukushima. The following is a story about a Japanese boy who is 9 years old in third grade.

Yesterday night, I was assigned to an elementary school to help distributing food to people. The line of people was zigzag and very long. The last person in the line was a little boy about 9 years old got my notice. The weather was chilly cold, but he only wore a t-shirt and a short. I was afraid that he would not get anything when got to his turn. I walked to him and talked to him. He told me that when the earthquake happened he was in his PE session. His father who worked nearby his school ran to school tried to get him. From the balcony on the third floor he could see his father car. And then he could also see the tsunami water wiped his father car away. When asked about his mother, he told that his mother stayed home with his younger brother. His house is not far away from the beach, so he assumed that they could not escape the tsunami wave. his eyes was in tears when I asked about his family members.

I took off my police uniform jacket and covered his tiny body because it was very cold. At that time the dried food that I saved in the jacket’s pocket came out. I picked it up and gave that to him and said to him “You may not get anything when your turn. Here is the food that may help you not to be hungry.” . He took the food and bowed to thank me, and then walked straight to the booth where the volunteers were distributting the food. He put the food that I gave to him to a food container near the booth, and then came back to the line. I asked him why he didn’t eat the food that I gave him. He answerred “because other people may be more hungry than me. I put in the the food container so that the food can be shared fairly for everyone”.

I turned around to hide my face so that no one could see me crying. I could not believe that a 9 years old boy in 3rd grade was able to act as an adult with highly dignity at the time that when a hungry human being can become a subhuman.

This is the end of my translation. I am in tears when I was writing this too. I am sorry for any spellings or grammar.  I could not reveal the writer’s name because I was not sure he would be okay.

If you are watching the news, you might also see the “Fukushima Fifty” mentioned. This is a core group of people working at the power plant, knowing full well the dangers. The group numbers closer to two hundred and includes volunteers.

Give if you’ve got it.


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