Edited to add:  Just to make it perfectly clear, the reports of death threats against Alexandra Wallace appear to originate from the Daily Bruin, which later amended its article to say that the police can neither “confirm nor deny” said threats.  Yet articles continue to appear about the death threats.

So UCLA student Alexandra Wallace posted a racist rant to youtube.   Basically it’s about how she is trying to have an epiphany while studying but Asians keep interrupting her train of thought by talking ching-chong language into their cell phones.   Although she tries to be understanding because she knows about the tsunami.

Now the media is reporting that she has received death threats.  According to a UCLA spokesperson, the police are “are currently working to ensure her safety.”

Wait, death threats?

The Daily Bruin (student newspaper):

A UCLA student has received multiple death threats in response to her video “Asians in the Library,” which was posted Friday.

Later amended to add the following:

Wallace contacted university police early Sunday evening after receiving numerous threats via e-mail and phone, said UCPD spokeswoman Nancy Greenstein. UPDATED: UCPD cannot confirm or deny that any of the threats were death threats.

The Washington Post:

… campus police were investigating threats against her.

“The vast majority of those are more annoying than threatening, but out of an abundance of caution campus police are investigating a small number to determine whether any crime was committed,” campus spokesman Phil Hampton said of the threats.

He declined to describe the messages in detail but said he wouldn’t characterize them as rising to the level of death threats.

The LAist: “UCLA Co-Ed Who Posted Video Rant Apologizes, Got Death Threats”

Alexandra Wallace, a third-year Political Science student at UCLA, says she has received death threats since a video rant about Asian students using their phones inside the library went viral in recent days.

“Wallace contacted university police early Sunday evening after receiving numerous threats via e-mail and phone,” UCPD spokeswoman Nancy Greenstein told the Daily Bruin. However, the blog added an update noting “UCPD cannot confirm or deny that any of the threats were death threats.”

So did a reporter speak to her? Implied, but probably not.

LA Times: “UCLA student who posted anti-Asian YouTube video receives death threats” reports what was written in the Daily Bruin.  Except the article leaves out that part about “UCPD cannot confirm or deny” the death threats.

New York Daily News: “Alexandra Wallace, UCLA student who ranted against Asians, receives death threats, apologizes”

A UCLA student whose racist rant about Asians went viral over the weekend has received multiple death threats, school officials said.

Alexandra Wallace, a junior political science major, has sought the protection of campus police after she received several calls and emails from people threatening revenge for her recording the tirade, titled “Asians in the Library,” UCLA’s Daily Bruin newspaper reported.

“She recieved numerous phone messages and emails,” school spokesman Phil Hampton told the Daily News. “Police are investigating to determine whether a crime was committed.”

No official is named as having corroborated the multiple death threats. Also, it’s I before E, except after C.

But take a look around the web.  And it’s all about the death threats, which haven’t been corroborated by any named person.  But “death threat” in the headline sounds good. It reinforces the idea of those scary people of color.  Simultaneously, it takes the focus away from an environment in which a third-year college student thought she was free to spew racism without repercussions.

So now you know how this is being spun.  Poor girl does something stupid and now she fears for her life!  She’s the real victim here.  The university is concerned with her safety.  Because “safety” in a multiracial environment is always about the safety of white people.

Her finals are also being rescheduled.  (No word about the rescheduling for people affected by her racism or by the tsunami and earthquake.)

The Bruin also quotes her political science professor:

“What Wallace did was hurtful and inexcusable, but the response has been far more egregious,” he told the Bruin. “She made a big mistake, and she knows it, but … they responded with greater levels of intolerance.”

It’s funny, you often hear white people talk disparagingly about “tolerance” and how children are taught today that every idea is correct.  But it’s worse than that.  “Intolerance” now means people who speak out against racism.  We’re the intolerant ones creating the unsafe environment.  And that is a threat.  A death threat to privilege.

13 thoughts on “Safety

  1. So this guy named Jimmy Wong created a humorous music video response to Ms. Wallace: [redacted link]
    I thought it was a pretty great take down of her.

    [I redacted the link because I didn’t like the video for reasons I’ll have to think harder about. Sexist comments about Wallace just further the -isms. And still leave white guys on the top.]

  2. Honestly, honestly. How stupid can one get? I can imagine people who are devastated from losing loved ones hate her. What did she think was going to happen? My Japanese friends are sick with worry about friends and relatives. I would imagine she would be doing the same thing if it were a bunch of white relatives of hers who were being pelted by a Tsunami. Why doesn’t she go study in her dorm room and get some ear plugs? She should be feeling grateful she has a roof over her head, some water to drink and a bed to sleep in. Instead she is stupid enough to think she can post something on youtube, and not get a reaction? I mean how many education sessions have they had about this sort of thing (risk of posting on youtube, facebook, sexting etc -duh? She is clearly too stupid to even be in college.

  3. Like, I may not be like the most politically correct person, but I don’t understand how someone who is like complaining about other people’s bad manners, thinks it’s appropriate to like use racist insultsand allude to like a natural disaster that has caused like thousands of deaths. Because that is like taking bad manners to the extreme, speaking in the library like doesn’t come close to that. But apparently this is like what people do in America, nice white people who are raised by their nice white moms to be like polite and respectul, not like those nasty Asians who come over here.

    I have a message for her: fuck you. That is all.

  4. I’m actually pretty enraged that she got to reschedule her finals. That is absolutely ridiculous. She brought it on herself and should have to take her finals at the same time as everyone else.

    If she was not white I bet the university wouldn’t even care about the “death” threats or rescheduling her finals. Ugh, she sucks.

  5. whenever a white person/group takes it upon themselves to spew racism, people of color are asked to be the “bigger person” and respond in a gentle, pleasant manner.

    This is unreasonable. It may be expedient. It may end with everyone holding hands and singing a song. But it’s not justice, by any means.

    How many times do we have to suck it up? Isn’t this more likely to lead to what some might read as an over-reactive explosion further down the line?

    So I haven’t heard/seen any death threat toward this girl. I wouldn’t support any if there were, but I haven’t seen them (nor have I looked). She’s just getting more coverage, and more people are getting to talk about the poor thing.

    She needs to go somewhere and sit down. Stop talking racist ish and crying foul when people call you on it.

  6. “but out of an abundance of caution campus police are investigating a small number to determine whether any crime was committed,” campus spokesman Phil Hampton said of the threats.

    What the spokesperson really meant was out of an overabundance of free time

  7. Jeez. I got about two minutes in and then couldn’t take it any more.
    I don’t care about whether this vapid little piece of shit takes her finals on time or not. What bothers me is that she’s allowed to continue on at college in the first place. How violent does hate speech have to be before it’s considered a threat to the safety of others?

  8. Looks like a lot of Missy Ann/White-woman’s-tears bs to me. I swear to god, some people are too disgusting to be human.

    I adore the last paragraph of this post. I wish everyone could read that. Although I fear most who’d read it would even get it.

  9. I don’t believe those “death threats” and for some reason, I didn’t believe they were true yesterday, when I first saw this.

  10. If she is talking about youtube comments as death threat then yeah, I see those comments. Most of pretty harmless, I doubt any Asian would harm this girl, since Rush Limbaugh is a better target. LOL. I was offended at all since she is pretty just another ignorant American we have many of those.

  11. First I heard of this was a bunch of white people whooping it up on Facebook about how much they like Jimmy Wong’s musical response to the boob’s rant.

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