The cost of racism

Part 5,432

Loss of empathy is one of the costs of racism.  And this has been demonstrated time and time again when natural disasters strike people of color, most recently after the earthquake and tsunami.

Facebook status.  Twitter.  Because the lives of “J*ps” aren’t really worth anything.  Remember Pearl Harbor.  And as we’ve seen time and time again, animals (whales and dolphins in this case) are higher in a racist hierarchy than people of color.

Possibly the worst example is trolls using Google’s people finder to post false status reports about missing persons.  Using official sounding names and titles and writing that somebody’s loved one was confirmed dead.

For all those white people who have told me they “don’t really see” racism against people of Asian descent, open your eyes.  Because I wasn’t surprised by it.  I expected it.


9 thoughts on “The cost of racism

  1. I don’t understand why other white people don’t see it. Must not want to see it.
    If you ask me, the media is treating this disaster like it’s entertainment.

  2. @jen, almost left a comment on you/tube for that character, what a disgusting person, you are right, no words….

  3. It wasn’t the racism so much as casually forgetting the atomic bomb retaliations that made me go ‘what.’

    Then I realised in their minds that less than four thousand mostly white casualties > hundreds of thousands of mostly Asian casualties. Right.

  4. Trigger warning: extreme anti-Japanese nastiness. Go to the following link if you want to see the kind of shit that nice, ordinary people can descend to unthinkingly:

    (Source: Pharyngula, a science blog,

    Who was it said that the most frightening thing about evil is how mundane it is?

  5. Wow. I wrote this in a journal earlier this year: “Whiteness is evil because it destroys our human capacities for empathy and compassion. That’s not a by-product, either; it’s why whiteness was invented.”

    The more oblivious forms of this bother me more than the open forms. Below is the FB status message that made me unfriend someone I’ve known for over a decade:

    “Stores in my neck of the woods are sold out of miso and kelp. We can still get dulse, kombu, and sea lettuce, as well as frozen salmon and other ocean fish. All my Oregon peeps, eat as much seaweed, miso, and minimally-cooked fish as you can. It’s good for you, and may protect against radiation if that becomes necessary.”

    Do they have miso in Sendai? I don’t think the question has ever occurred to her.

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