At your own risk

My opinion:  Don’t shop  I noted previously that the online orders are having some sort of fulfillment problem.  A quick peek around the interwebs reveals this isn’t just me.

So here’s my update.  I bought $75+ of books, using $60+ of gift cards.  The partial order shipment took five days for the actual package to show up on the tracking after Borders claimed the package had been shipped.  Up until that point, the online tracking showed only that information had been received from Borders.

I did receive the partial order eventually.  And yesterday I got a gift card refund in the mail.  So I got suspicious and looked at my credit card statement online.  Borders charged my credit card for the whole $15+ that I stupidly charged over the gift card amount.  This despite the fact that it cancelled one of the books.

So instead of just charging my credit card for $2, it sold me another gift card.

Two books are still not here.  Oh, and despite Borders’ notice that these books are backordered, they show up on the website as available and shipping within 24 hours.

2 thoughts on “At your own risk

  1. Hi narmer, I did know Borders filed for bankruptcy. Which is why I wanted to use up my gift cards. But my advice for people would be to go to the actual store. The online system is apparently hopelessly screwed up.

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