There’s always at least two

I saw this article over at Racialicious about a 10-year-old boy who was chosen to portray a slave on the auction block during a lesson on slavery.     There were reportedly only two African American kids in the class.

No word on how many African Americans are in the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Michigan Tech (the photos show a pretty pale bunch), but it held a slave auction over the weekend to raise money.

White people sure seem to enjoy re-enacting slavery.  Maybe it’s a trip down nostalgia lane.

5 thoughts on “There’s always at least two

  1. I don’t know why I did, but I scrolled down far enough to read a few of the comments at the IVCF auction article. Now I feel sick.

    How do people think this is ok? ever? I’d say it’s certain there are no POCs in the IVCF, but that may not be the case.

  2. This is messed up anyways, but actually making it “real” by giving them permission to non-consensually touch and examine them and all that other crap? Who thought that was okay? Why is someone who thought that was okay still allowed to teach these children?

  3. In the ‘for what it’s worth’ category, here is the response I got from the IVCF leadership when I wrote to express my disappointed:

    “We appreciate hearing about the role of InterVarsity in your journey of racial reconciliation. As unpleasant as it is to hear that InterVarsity chapters periodically fail to create welcoming atmosphere for ethnic minorities, we recognize that these failures are a part of the journey of educating one another and learning together. The Michigan Tech InterVarsity chapter’s event hurt members of that campus community and affected the way InterVarsity is perceived by many beyond the campus of MTU. InterVarsity president Alec Hill and senior vice president Jim Lundgren sent a personal letter to one Michigan Tech student who wrote to InterVarsity about the slave auction….

    …We were grateful to report that the Black student Association at MTU graciously agreed to meet with InterVarsity chapter leaders following the incident, and that the outcome of that meeting exceeded expectations. The groundwork was established for ongoing dialogue to help mend relationships with black students on campus. Aaron Green, our Campus Staff Member on the Michigan Tech campus, reported that the meeting led to the groups planning a joint letter to the school newspaper highlighting the InterVarsity chapter’s apology, and the ongoing reconciliation process. As a result of the conversation the InterVarsity chapter will bring this issue to the chapter at large and invite African American students to speak and share their feelings, with the intent that this be used as a discipleship issue. Further educational events and discussions are being considered as well that would target the rest of the campus.”

    Too often, groups will offer insincere ‘mia culpa’s and never address the brokenness and ignorance underlying the situation. I don’t know if the IVCF case falls under that category, but I do believe they are honestly working hard and trying to learn. I read the letter they send to apologize (not included here for privacy reasons) and it was one of the better ones I have seen. They take ownership of the mistake rather than passing it off, and provide specific steps by which they will improve themselves. Anyway…it’s a mess.

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